It bears repeating.

I participate on quite a few forums. I clearly say who I am, and I have met or already knew some people in person. I am a nice person, but I'm not too afraid to say what I think. If you've asked for help publicly, then acknowledge it maybe? So many people post, just to get the "oh, you're right, so-and-so is wrong" feel good replies. What the HAY! Why did I take time out of my day (ok, so that's usually reserved for a different person much better at explaining things) to provide useful information for it to be disregarded? Seriously? Are we that childish that we all need assurance, for something that shouldn't BE receiving assurance?! This is why I rarely post on forums anymore. Nobody can have good discussions anymore, because people always get defensive. What is so wrong with discussions that *gasp* may turn into arguments? Can people just not handle it?

I am regularly told to rethink something, or a few things. I'm ok with that (maybe it's a conditioned response). If I wasn't, I'd not have the training buddies I do. One in particular is good at being truly helpful. Nit picking and providing advice.

If you don't want help--just say so, and the few of us that WANT to help won't take that time and be so frustrated when you don't REALLY want the help.

That makes it sound like I've actually tried to provide helpful information lately, but I really haven't for a while. A friend has though, and has received nothing but disrespect. It is so very annoying.

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