A Play Date

I puppy-sat Fritz today while his dad had an important phone conference call. Bailey has been around him very limitedly, and always leashed. The first times she could only smell him afterwards even.

Today though she was SO good that I let her out in the yard with Buzz and Fritz, but she had to wear her muzzle, just in case. Boy, did she have a ball! She's really doing well with other dogs as long as they LISTEN to her. Fritz responded wonderfully to her verbal and non-verbal cues. She wore her muzzle the whole time, and probably will next time too... but she was so good and had so much fun racing around, barking, chasing.

I never would have let this happen if she didn't make a Golden-boy friend last summer. When dogs respond to her, she relaxes and has a great time. If they don't or can't respond, then she aggresses because they aren't listening. When she doesn't need to aggress, she acts like a normal, good dog.

YAY Bailey.

Oh, and Buzz is exhausted too. He played for quite a bit then asked to go inside. I would have taken pictures, but it's SNOWING here. Hopefully next time there will be photographic evidence.


Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

Yay Bailey! I'm glad she got the chance to have fun with another dog. Although I agree with Bailey that dogs just need to listen and respect!

Megan said...

It's wonderful that she can have friends. I'm hoping it will prepare her for a new house-mate. She's a good girlie, and although her doggy language can leave a lot to be desired, she can tell a dog to STOP NOW very well. Don't mount her, don't jump on her head, and don't sniff her rear end after she tells you to stop... and she'll be a good play buddy.