MMBC NADAC Trial Results

Bailey--Q in Novice Chances for her NCC and Q/2nd in Novice Touch N Go for her first TG-N Q!

Buzz--NQ in Novice Touch N Go because we missed a couple hoops and jumped an A-Frame contact (totally a handling thing--I haven't really run him in a while)! A VERY BIG Personal Q though, as he was RUNNING and having fun and pain free! Not super fast, and not super smooth, but it's on video!

Bailey--NQ in Touch N Go, extra tunnel, and NQ in Tunnelers, something was amiss.
Buzz--Q! in Tunnelers! #8 for his S-TN-N! What a GOOD BOY!

There may be video of the other runs... just have to wait and see.

Two videos courtesy of The Mousie!


Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

congrats on the great weekend and your new title! I have never known slow Buzz but I thought both dogs were pretty darn fast :)

Megan said...

Lance is definitely faster! :) But thanks.

Both dogs have had a myriad of health issues over the years, but we seem to have finally, maybe, figured things out. Bailey is running faster, more consistently, and with acupuncture, Buzz is running almost like he used to!

A lot of it too, is keeping a good line and tight turns. I'm getting much better about picking the most efficient path for each dog, as we don't have the flat out speed to make up for wide turns like some dogs.

Dawn said...

Nice job! Sometimes its really not the Q that matters. Its the small personal successes that mean so much more, I think. Watching you(and Laura and Lances runs too) made me really wish we were trialing so we could be there cheering for you.

Megan said...

It is definitely about the personal successes, that often times aren't that small!

It's definitely fun to have dog friends to trial with. I don't know what I'd do without them. This area is just wonderfully friendly, couldn't imagine being in a better place to do dog sports! Everyone cheers and claps for everyone, even if you didn't get a NATCH-2 (but Niki and MAAAAAAX did this weekend, yahoo)!