In which...

all of my dreams come true. Apparently I just need to move to Ohio.

I can have a Toller.
I can foster pregnant dogs, puppies, old dogs, young dogs, energetic dogs, and springers.
I can have a kitten.

I feel like this is the old "I have candy" ploy.

I don't know though... does Ohio have the MMBC? Nope, last I checked it was OHIO, not MINNESOTA.

Does Ohio have Agile Canines? Nope. (But it does have PosiDog.)

Does Ohio have A Great Dog Now? Nooo!

Does Ohio have my "sister" Jaci? Not a chance.

But Ohio has milder winters.

Hmmm... I'll ponder that as I head to bed, so I can get up for the MMBC UKC Rally Trial tomorrow!


Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

I hope the rally trial is going well!

What is prompting this consideration? Besides the fact that you really want a cute toller puppy :) Personally I hate MN winters and very badly want to move south.

Megan said...

Rally trial went well!

Kristen has told me I need to move to Ohio for a few years now. We train "together" online, a lot, and it'd just be so much easier to train in person together. When I was there for camp in June, the weather was TROPICAL!

And, of course I want a Toller puppy!

Robin Sallie said...

I cam here FROM Ohio and would go back in a heart beat - for the winters.

I'd miss MN Mixed Breed Club.

A lot!

Megan said...

Ohio has tropical summers though. I disliked that part. Humid and hot and ew!

I'd miss a lot here. If I get a job down there, it would be hard to say no. They seem to have a LOT of education-teaching jobs, and I'm jealous. MN does NOT have a lot of jobs available.