Cats and Raw... again

I've been bad about feeding the kitties raw on a regular basis (or canned for that matter, I usually just add water to their kibbles). I'm trying to be better, but Rasza has been refusing it. Yesterday I bought some Nature's Variety raw medallions, again. Last time Rasza puked them up, those were lamb. I bought chicken this time. He's had two meals so far (last night and tonight) and both have stayed down just fine. I'm trying to get into the habit of feeding raw or canned in the evening again. I have cornish game hen thawing for tomorrow night. Rascal may be the only one to eat it though, as this is a bony section.

Rascal will eat anything that isn't frozen, or very cold. He'll eat thawed raw food that I only took out of the refrigerator ten minutes before feeding, with no ill effects. Rasza's food always has to be room temperature.

Rasza is scheduled for a dental the end of February. I'm hoping that if I start now, I can continue these good habits after the dental. I NEED to, so he doesn't have to go under again (he really needs this one).

No new pictures of kitties eating raw, it's on the list though!

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