ThD "stuff"

A while back I said I'd chosen to go with Therapy Dogs Incorporated for a couple different reasons. Well, until now I hadn't made time to actually get the paperwork in. I finally called the most local person I could find, and printed all of my paperwork. He just needs a fecal and a license and we're set. I was going to bring a fecal in today, but alas, last night was chicken night and apparently there was too much skin for him. Guess it'll be tomorrow!

Buzz is going to Camp Triumph with me this year as a ThD and he'll be my READ dog at schools soon too. He'll love it, and I can't wait!


Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

so exciting!!!! I think I would really like to do therapy dog stuff but right now neither of the dogs would like it. maybe in a couple years. but who knows, Lance is actually getting more cuddly at home now!

Megan said...

I thought Bailey would really enjoy it about five years ago. She enjoyed coming with Buzz and I on our nursing home visits with a friend (up here, all they care about is a CGC and rabies). When the attention turned to her completely, she was a very UNhappy dog. I think we made three visits as a "TDI" team and abandoned it. Not her thing.

I never thought Buzz would really enjoy it, but then I remembered how he would take me to a certain room at the nursing home and just sit with a man with Parkinsons. Just sit. I think he'll love being a READ dog as soon as I get THAT paperwork settled. The kids at Camp will love him too. He's such a good dog, I'll just have to think of something clever about why a READ dog is deaf. He doesn't need to hear to provide support!