First of all, Buzz says 10 year old boys are THE best for doing Rally with. They change things up and do "happy with anything" WAY better than mom! I heeled on the right and the left for this boy and he thought that was SO DARN cool!

Second, right now I have a ten year old boy and his handsome boy poodle puppy in my rally class. Last week they were in Manners, but have decided to do Rally instead. Jane and I worked on some rally together, and then Annelise came over to run our mini course after she was done teaching agility. It was fun, a lot of fun (but late fun).

Third, I'm compiling a list of resources for my student(s). I plan on putting it into a three ring binder with space to add weekly homework. Right now I'm printing out the signs with descriptions for the three organizations we have up here. I'll probably list the key differences on another page, and some "annual" trials on another. Can anyone think of other "good things" to have in this binder?

Fourth, the new rally/obedience facility is excellent! I love that we're completely closed in. Buzz got to "tuck butt and run" after classes on Monday and it was just excellent. I love, love, love it!

Fifth, Buzz and I began preparing for our altered conformation show-time in April (I think). He seems to have forgotten about gaiting, but he's really good at heeling! We've been working with a target stick because it worked before. We'll see how well it works this time!


Crystal said...

I have a nice comparison chart of APDT vs. AKC. It has two columns, one for APDT and then the corresponding AKC sign. Sometimes there is no corresponding sign, which makes it easy to see where the differences are. It also helps to compare which levels get the different signs. I can email it to you if you'd like- I have your email address now. :)

I'm trying to think of other things that I really wanted to know about when I was starting out... Footwork, I guess, though I'm still struggling with that one. What to pack for a trial, and what to expect at a trial, although for a beginning rally class, that might not be needed yet.

Megan said...

Oh, I may want a copy of that APDT vs AKC cahrt!

Footwork is good. I need to focus on that more. Footwork is SO important!