Acupuncture report

Overall-very good!

We discussed agility in general, how he's been doing, and what the future looks like. I told Dr. E about this weekend and how I was so pleased with Buzz. I also relayed that he jumped off the middle of the a-frame, that is no good. We talked about the obstacles and the injury risks they pose. Dr. E suggested we not do weavers anymore (I'm fine with that), and maybe no weaves at all? I think I'll have to look at flooring (dirt vs astro turf vs grass) in general before making a decision on that, so a trial by trial basis for now. Contacts were also discussed. I said his are typically really good. This was definitely a handling thing that I'll try not to repeat, but the risk is definitely there still. Touch N Go may be out of the cards, further discussion awaits.

Tunnelers, however, still has the all clear (he made open time on Sunday, and beat Bailey--but that's another story) and Jumpers is on the "soon to be clear" list. We need to work on the physical conditioning more, still. For a while we may just be doing Jumpers and Tunnelers, and that's ok, as he's only going to be doing 1-2 runs and one day trials from now on I think.

Things can still change, but as of now, this is where we stand. Tunnelers (2 more until open) and Jumpers (yay open) here we come!

Oh, and Dr. E found a muscle knot where his back has been twitching when we do back strengthening exercises. It was loosened by the acupuncture today, but we're not sure about how to keep it lose, or why it tightens. I need to be very careful with my dog and try to remember to check it daily.


Crystal said...

Hi. I'm Crystal. We should know each other. I train with Jane and Robin, am planning to go to the MMBC APDT trial in February, and I'm sure we'll see each other around.

Sounds like you've found a good vet. Who do you see?

Megan said...

I think I saw you at our August APDT trial! I'm secretary for the February trial, so I'll definitely see you there!

We are lucky enough to see our "regular" vet for acupuncture, up here in the boonies! We go to Valley View Veterinary Hospital in St. Croix Falls, WI. The owner does acupuncture, Dr. Enochs.

Crystal said...

Yup, I was there. I was the one with the dog who was alternately "reactively insane" and "incredibly awesome." I can never figure out if I should be embarrassed or proud of her...

You are lucky with your regular vet. I recently switched vets in order to find someone who could do chiropractic for Maisy.

I'm really excited for the APDT trial! Can't wait to see you there!

Megan said...

Definitely be proud!

I am VERY lucky to have a vet who does acupuncture. He brings in a chiropractor twice a week too, and we've used that in the past.