Retiring Dogs

I've been saddened a lot lately by dogs being prematurely retired. Before anyone gets angry at me, I understand that I do not live with the dogs, and I don't know everything about each individual dog (thankfully, otherwise my brain might explode). Now, why are people retiring happy, healthy, not-that-old dogs? To preserve health? Good reason (but modifications can be made). The dog didn't enjoy it before? Really good reason to retire a dog, I guess.

I just get sad when I hear about so many dogs just sitting at home, getting the shaft, while younger house-mates go out and do "stuff" all the time. I realize my perspective may be different because I only have two dogs, both older, but unless it was physically or mentally exhausting, I wouldn't retire my dogs completely. Semi-retirement, yes. Lower jumps, less runs, different classes, different organizations, etc.

Does your retired dog get extra special treatment and extra walks, or things enjoyable? I hope so. Otherwise, why get a young dog when the old dog gave you so much and you just "retire" it.

Buzz loves the couch, and his dog bed, and my bed. But he also LOVES going to training class, and showing. It's at an older-Buzz speed, but hey, I hope people treat me like that when I get old. I don't want to just sit on a couch all day. I want some entertainment and stimulation too.

/end rant, I think

Nope, not done yet. It's important to be objective, both ways, when considering retiring a dog.

Now, I'm done.

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Crystal said...

I haven't read any of these posts, so I have NO IDEA who you might be referring to. I just want to put that out there in case they read this. :)

I wonder early retirement like this is due to a different opinion on what "success" is? If success is about wanting to win, then it would become "pointless" to trial the dog that's slowing down.

For me, and probably for you, training and trialing is another extension of our relationships with our dogs. Other handlers (who may love their dogs very much) may trial for very different reasons.