Training Treats

What do you use?

I use a lot of kibbles, but the kibbles I like to use, I don't feed my dogs (Solid Gold kibbles are my favorite for training with, yes large). I feed Fromm Salmon when they eat kibbles, and those are TINY (but perfect for the Treat and Train).

I use a lot of Natural Balance food roll. Lamb is extra gooey and stinky.



Canned food

I have biscuits on occasion and sometimes they're fun for jackpots, my dogs like to crunch things... bison biscuits have been a HUGE hit here, whenever I feel like buying them.


Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

At home I always use kibble, just their normal dog food. Most of my training sessions are with their dinner. The exception now is for Lance's random stays in which case I use various types of lunch meat.

At classes I bring a mixture. Most of it is Natural Balance roll, then, Zukes mini's (Lance loves the salmon), and a small amount of cut up hot dogs. Sometimes I have some other random small soft treats I pick up.

At trials I bring cut up hot dogs, string cheese, lunch meat, and Lance's favorite- bison jerky.
After each run Lance gets canned cat food!

Megan said...

Ooh, I forgot, we do use hot dogs sometimes... and lunch meat when we have it (since I don't eat it).

I used to use canned food a lot for after runs, but I've found my dogs like a lot of cookies handfed... the type doesn't seem to matter. Though, I just got some Spot's Stew and that has had them going gagagaga drooling fiends. Weird.

Jane said...

Our standby is Natural Balance lamb roll -- aka doggie crack. But sometimes I make a mixture of cut up biscuits, zukes and some kind of meat-free biscuits. Can't remember the name of them. Basically Finn would work for pocket lint, just like his dad.

For really high value he likes sharp cheddar cheese.

Oh yeah, and nuked hot dogs.

Crystal said...

Kibble at home. Kitty kibble, sometimes. Natural Balance roll, hot dogs, Zuke's (cut in four), Wellness treats (again, they have to be cut- into 16-20, usually), and for super-high-value: Plato's salmon treats. Those are kind of dry, so they don't go very small. Oh, and little cubes of cheese, which is great when I need to keep the food in my mouth for some reason. Also, it's a bit unorthodox, but potato chips. Maisy will do ANYTHING for potato chips.

Megan said...

Oh, Buzz got some Plato salmon treats from one of our secret santa exchanges. Those were AMAZING! I should find some more.

Crystal said...

You can get Plato's at Chuck and Don's and Pet Junction.

Megan said...

I put a lot of treats in my mouth at agility, because I usually forget to wear pockets. That's why I love cheese.

Buzz says Thank You Crystal for telling mom where to get those delicious treats again!

Oddly enough, all of my animals LOVE the chicken jerky treat stuff. It's great for occupying cats while I train dogs (wait, nobody else has that issue... darn).

Chrissy said...

I use cheese, ham(or any piece of meat in the fridge), hot dogs, zuke's, these salmon things, bil jack's peanut butter treats, and charlee bears.