Feeding The Flock?

I have bird dogs, so I can't say herd... right? But flock doesn't fit as they don't have wings! Ah well.

I do this annually, possibly more frequently, but I'm always intrigued and open to "new things" and all that jazz.

I'll start with the dogs, as that's what this blog is supposedly about.

  • Dasuquin with MSM, 1 tablet per day
  • Fish Oil, right now it's just Walgreens brand capsules, but I'm on a mission to find Bravo at an affordable price consider what I've learned recently
  • Lutein supplement about every other day, looking into Bilberry and switching brands of this one (vision)
  • Kibbles, Fromm Salmon
  • Raw, chicken--pork--eggs--beef
  • Dasuquin with MSM, 1 tablet per day
  • Fish Oil, same as Buzz
  • Lutein supplement daily, looking into Bilberry and switching brands
  • She gets prescription meds too. DES every 14 days, thyroxine twice a day, fluoxetine once a day.
  • Fromm Salmon
  • And... she was getting about half Kirkland to try to save some money (yes, I know, evil Diamond) but that MAY be contributing to her ear issues so Kirkland is on hold for now.
  • Raw, chicken--pork--eggs--beef (very limited pork... she gets "pork butt" and it STINKS)
Rascal & Rasza
I aim for a raw or canned meal once a day and they get Fromm Four Star Gold kibbles the other meal (Rascal gets a lot of water with his kibbles). Right now they're getting Nature's Variety Chicken medallions or cornish game hen for raw.

Such is life on The Funny Farm. My mom just informed me that one of the snowmobiles IS working, so Bailey and I might go for a much needed romp. The dogs and I used to snowmobile almost daily for THEIR winter exercise, but haven't for years. I bet she'd enjoy that!

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