4 Feet In A Box

is this week's trick.

Buzz's spondylosis is going to hamper us on this, but he's trying SO hard. He can almost fit into a printer paper box (so... 8.5 x 11 times two, 17 x 22). I haven't worked Bailey yet as I was occupied with doing a KPA trick of jump into a box and lie down. I found a cow feeding tub downstairs and we worked with that. It took her a while, and a lot of shaping for her to figure out how to lie down in there (round IS an issue I guess), but she did it. I had a hard time not c/t for her resting her front paws and head on the side of the tub, it was SO cute.

I need to find a new box for Buzz, maybe a laundry basket will work!

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