We've been working pretty hard the last two days (but ask the dogs and it's probably not enough) getting ready for a myriad of upcoming activities. Buzz and I are back to working with one jump again as he seems to have lost his stamina somewhere and at some time! Low jumps, lots of treats (CHEESEEEE!!!!) and fun. He does weaves happily (he bounces, never got the whole single step thing down) and is jumping easier.

Bailey and I are working on the pieces of Open because we DO get to show on Sunday now. Just now we came in from working recalls (3). About an hour before that she ran a shorter but aged track and was spot on. NO silliness out there, all business. GOOD GIRL!

I'm sure we'll work heeling later. Buzz likes to heel a lot but our starts are getting a little sloppy. I need to be rewarding him jumping out there a lot more. In related news--I think we're finally communicating at the start now about whether he should stay or follow. I've refined my cue and the way I hold my body and we only had one miscommunication in the last session. (We did 10 starts, so 9/10 is GOOD!)

Training dogs is fun... obviously!

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