MORE field adventures!

Bailey and I had our second hunt training practice tonight. It started off quite badly. She did NOT want to work the quail, at all! Clung to me like glue and then I was told I'd talked my dog up too much and we scared her last time. That was very annoying as I made it very clear she hadn't done anything with me ever, and hadn't done any hunting in at least six years. ANYWAYS, after we got over that and he decided to "keep trying" things, we made a TON of progress.

She didn't want to go into the brush/woods, so we worked with a bird out in the open and she finally TURNED ON! She grabbed the live bird, held it tightly and was just GREAT! He threw it into the brushes/shrubbery a couple of times and she was diving right in after it.

He released another live pheasant and she became quite concerned again so he got his "old" dog Ty. She started to work with the other dog and by the end of that she'd flushed and snagged a live quail! GOOD GIRLY!

I came home with three birds this time, instead of just one...

We won't be ready for the October hunt test so we have to wait until spring, but I am SO excited. The day went from "you may want to give up" to, "let's hunt her with another spaniel next time." There WILL be a next time, she was really good!

Now I've been given strict instructions to let her hunt and not call her off things when walking... ARG! Back to very structured walks, and planting birds. We CAN do it though... we can!

We go back in three weeks now because he's gone next week (25th wedding anniversary) and she has surgery the week after (out for at least two weeks).

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