I was good to my dog!

Not that I was perfect all weekend, but I was especially good on our last run of the weekend. Bailey and I were hanging out by the Great Dane Photos store waiting to go into the ring. I work very hard to keep her away from other dogs and yesterday, in the shade too. We were stationed next to a dog that didn't seem to bother her and there was another quite a ways away. She was focused on me, doing tricks and enjoying herself when a guy and his BC came up and sat down nearly right next to us. I got up quickly and moved her while saying "you're just fine." That got the attention of the guy and he said "did I scare her" to which I simply replied "yes." The truth is, DOGS scare her because she doesn't know what they're going to do! The experession on Bailey's face was great. She was very relieved and quite shocked I was "listening" to her. I think she's starting to trust me again that I WILL protect her, after our walks where I couldn't because the dogs were loose.

She met a few dogs this weekend, very briefly, and at all times she acted appropriately, as she's been trained to do. Once uncomfortable, she would look back at me and move away. She is such a fantastic little teaching dog. I'm finally starting to do right by her. It makes me very happy.

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