Lovely, lovely, Fluoxetine!

Well, I love it for Bailey!

A short list of things we've been able to do since being on Fluoxetine that I A)wouldn't have let happen or B)would have ended very poorly, before Fluoxetine.

1. Tonight she HUNTED with another dog!!!!!! *jaw hit the floor... NO scuffles, and it was an INTACT BITCH*
2. At both trials the last two weekends, she has MET other dogs without showing signs of being uncomfortable.
3. I have had Rascal and Rasza upstairs without her muzzled three days in a row (under close supervision of course, but she's been relaxed while not under direct cue).
4. She has solicited attention quite a bit, but hasn't been pushy or overly possessive. A hard stare but no lift lip or growl. If I stop petting her she'll move around with the toy in her mouth and not continue to guard me.

I hope we see continued improvement, but I'm overjoyed with this short (but oh-so-impact-ful)

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