A purist I was not...

Yesterday on the way to Costco, the boy and I stopped at Gander Mountain. I still hadn't found or constructed anything to use for carrying things in tracking or hunting, so I was on a mission. When we got there I realized I'd been meaning to get a Dokken (dummy) for a LONG time, but just hadn't. I found a multi purpose vest (ok, Kevin did) AND got a pheasant dokken. It is big, but not HUGE, so I figured it would be the correct size. It IS a little large, but not TOO large.

Last night I brought Bailey and the dokken to the cabin to work for a bit. I'd planned on shaping it, like I've shaped all of her retrieves. She picked up the parts that are designed to NOT feel good being picked up (tail, head, feet...) and was certain she could NOT fit her mouth around the body.

When I got home from the vet today I wanted to see if she really couldn't carry it. I opened her mouth, put it in (a tight fit in the VERY center of the bird, a good fit at both ends), and she did not appreciate that. I threw the bird thinking she may pick it up correctly... nope, by the string!

In the end I put it in her mouth quite a few times then c/t and let her release it. She still didn't like me putting it in her mouth, and wouldn't take it when presented, but I took her out in the yard and threw it. Wouldn't you know she went out, picked it up CORRECTLY and brought it back! Profuse praise and treats. GOOD GIRL!

One more throw and I got the same CORRECT response. VERY GOOD GIRL and we ran for more treats.

I don't know if it will last or not, but she CAN carry it correctly, and we still have LOTS of work to do, but it's a start.

Now lets hope her foot holds up and heals up well (and SOON)!

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