Bailey and I ran AKC agility today. I've finally entered enough trials to get out of Novice! Her standard run was BEAUTIFUL! I was NOT a bad handler on the contact equipment and she did them sooooo nicely! Pretty running dog walk. I let her do her job and did NOT watch her every step, I used my peripheral vision (haha... thanks CZ for that reminder). I gave her distance to move, and she did. Nearly instantaneous auto down on the table (thank you Cathy a down on the table), nice low running contact on her a-frame and slipped right into the weaves. It felt SO good! Q/1st, new NAP title! We are finally into Open for Stanadard and JWW! Now I just need to uhh, not stop doing AKC again! I plan on going through Open at least, and we'll see after that. Jumpers was good until the weaves. She missed the entry but I figured if she kept weaving, we'd try them again and she did so we did but then she started hopping instead of single stepping. We moved on and it was an ok run after that but she wasn't feeling on her game anymore. Now she's got a break for quite a while. No more agility until surgery on the 22nd to remove the lipoma in her elbow muscle and then close to a month off for recovery. Hopefully some hunt stuff and tracking in October and then ALL of November off for Bailey (trialing at least). I want to get a picture tomorrow... I just need to remember to do it. Oh, and our judge for standard was the groomer at the vet I work at. I didn't know she was a judge! Too funny!

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