Parade of Veterans

The MMBC NADAC trial had a Parade of Veterans. Each participant wrote a short bio of their dog and sent in a photo. At the trial part of the bio was read while the dogs did a short series of jumps and a tunnel. At the end we received liver brownies made by Lefty's mom... Buzz thinks they're the BEST THING EVER. The MMBC website will have all of this and more when the webmaster gets time, but I wanted to post ours here. Oh, and we got super cool shirts too!

Buzz is now eleven years old and his days are spent sleeping with feet sticking straight in the air. Despite his lack of activity during the day, he still comes alive when we show. I am so happy to be able to work with him, to feel good every time we come out of a ring, that was my only goal way back when. We are still learning new things together while continuing to play old games. He continues to love agility (at 12"), obedience, rally, and tracking. His favorite thing to do is curl up with me on the couch in front of a fire, as close to me as he can be. My heart dog who taught me about good training and how it can build a working relationship from nothing. Thanks for everything old man, you stuck it out with me and look at where we are.

The Bailey Dog is a goofy one. An odd duck from the minute she came home but, well, she fit right in. She is my mud princess who wishes she didn't get all that hair from her daddy for me to play with. My right hand gal on the funny farm, she always makes me laugh, and always wants to be a part of whatever ANYONE is doing. She doesn't stand by the "I can't do it" excuse, as she'll always find a way. She does agility, obedience, rally, tracking, and hunting but her all time favorite activity is chasing bumpers in the water. She will retrieve for as long as you will throw and never loses any excitement for the game. Bailey crept into my heart when I wasn't looking and it appears she's there to stay. She's my Novice A dog and we've come a long way baby.

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