I have two ouchy dogs. Yep, two. ARG!

Buzz was entered both days, three runs/day. First run on Saturday and he was NOT ok. He was slow and pokey in tunnelers and we made it a very short run. Poor guy. I felt him all over, a little soreness in his rear but nothing too painful it seemed. The rest of the day was much of the same. I thought he was feeling better, so we tried weavers but nope... we left that one early too. Jumpers was a total bust, 3 jumps and then nodda. I made sure he knew I was NOT disappointed, and made it seem like the course ended where it did.

Bailey was running pretty well on Saturday. Her Open Regular course was GREAT, she was moving, having fun, and then... couldn't weave! Oh well, haha. She was so fun to show. Her contacts were quick, just like we've been working on. Open tunnelers, mom screwed up! I thought I could send her from the end of one tunnel far away into the entrance of another same distance away but instead she came into me and then took the tunnel backwards. Silly girly dog! Novice Jumpers was BEAUTIFUL! She ran SO well, speedy, in tune with me, we worked as a team beautifully! She Q'd with 3rd place for her NJC title. It was as close to a "zone" run as we've come in a while.

Since she ran so well and Buzz was NOT feeling ok, I was able to switch them around for Sunday.

Sunday she was feeling GREAT in Touch N Go. Silly goober dog missed a few hoops and leaped off the A-Frame but hey, we had a blast. I have worked hard to get the happy speedy Bailey I have in class to be the same one I have in trials. Touch N Go was a close second favorite run of the weekend, despite the 70 points we accumulated... Jumpers she was slow--friend said she may have been wincing after turning a certain way. We were 8 freaking seconds over time! That was not my dog. Tunnelers we were over time too. I had a friend tape tunnelers for me, so after I review that I should have a better idea.

Now I don't know if her elbow/shoulder is ouchy (she has a lump there but vet said to leave it until it starts inhibiting her movement or being painful) or if something ELSE went wrong after/during Touch N Go. Today is a holiday so I have to call my vet tomorrow and see what he thinks. The lump might need to go NOW. We'll see.

For now, we're all taking it easy and I'll call the vet tomorrow, about both.

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