Annelise, Jane, and Kristen will understand my joy in this post.  Bailey was able to do TWENTY sits (granted, not all 20 were to my criteria, but that's KIND OF the point).  She was able to perform again, and again, and again, without getting stressed about it!  I was able to successfully withhold reinforcement for incorrect responses and she was STILL working.  TWENTY responses!  Only one incorrect response was due to a no-sit.  The others (very few... I need to keep count, NEED TO) were either a "move front feet back" or a "slow" sit, neither of which meets criteria.

YAY Bailey, YAY!  We'll work on repetitions of more difficult things in the near future, but YAY Bailey!

To celebrate, here is a clip from another session today.

(please ignore my inability to walk like a normal human being...)

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