More Protein!

Acupuncture today was great.  He got a SUPER report from his massage therapist last time and I've cut his acupuncture back to just before competitions.  It's been working out well for us.  Dr. E pointed out today that he's responding "correctly" to the electricity now, which is nice to see.  Buzz is a lot more comfortable with the needles going in now, and being hooked up.  I need to study up on the electrical patterns, but from what Dr. E said, it should be something like "short, short, long" (I think...).  It was FUN to see Buzz's muscles responding, meaning he's finally relaxing his muscles enough to allow the electricity to really flow.

He's always tired after an appointment, I figure that's normal, but I've never actually said anything about it.  We did our short walk afterwards, I went to the bank, he came home, drank water, and is now zonked out.  I'll make a note about that for next time.

Buzz also loves this part of the appointment, increased protein.  He needs more protein and less carbohydrates to help his body build/maintain muscle mass.  This means even less kibbles and even more raw chicken and beef (I have FINALLY learned my lesson about pork with my two--nobody can live with them, it is THAT bad when they eat pork).  I'll stock up on foods and repackage later today if I remember, or Monday if I forget!

I've got a lot of pictures to go through, which is good and means I've actually been out with my camera, and bad that it's taken me so long to edit them.  The ones I put up earlier today were not touched, I was actually impressed with the quality.  That doesn't happen very often!

If I actually follow through, there will be quite a few pictures up later today!

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