More Training!

Our lesson on Monday didn't involve any contacts.  Instead we worked on a jumpers course.  I'd taken Bailey into the agility arena to shape tugging before our lesson.  She did an excellent job and was starting to really pull backwards, YAY!  She didn't want to play tug when Annelise came over, but that's okay, still progress!  In an effort to be adequately reinforcing my dog, I brought PANCAKES to throw for treats.  That was a good idea!  They stayed together pretty nicely, and if there were pieces, Bailey wasn't going to let them stay on the floor.  I broke a 19 obstacle Open jumpers course into 4 sections and we ran it like that.  I was reinforcing speed mostly.  I took a straight lead out of tire, broad jump, and stood next to bar jump #3.  I released her and ran for jump 4 and she beat me, I threw food and YAY!  We did have some long standing issues with deceleration and cueing tight turns.  That's our homework for this week.

Now, I just need to motivate myself to train my dogs today!


Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

wow, I can't say I've ever tried pancakes! probably a good thing, I'd just eat em all.

Sounds like a really good practice! do you take privates with Annelise?

Megan said...

In an effort to keep me from eating the pancakes, I put NB roll in with them. I dislike NB roll a lot. She thought pancakes were pretty awesome... I need to remember that for trials!

We do take privates with Annelise, because my dog can't function in the new location with other dogs, or really anything else going on. It took her weeks to be comfortable with the equipment, and then with Annelise standing nearby. We did discuss two weeks ago the excitement about moving to the outdoor (group) classes soon, and maybe being able to work with other people/dogs soon.

My dog is weird. We're making progress!