Entertainment on the Prairie

Apparently we live on the prairie.  Who knew the middle-border of Minnesota and Wisconsin was considered the prairie?  I wonder if it needs a new name now, The Funny Farm Prairie sounds about right.

The dogs and I have been enjoying the warm weather and lack of snow.  Bailey loves running through the fields.  The one these photos are from will "do" but she really, really loves running on the back 40 where the weeds are tall and she can LEAP up to peer over.  I need to bring a helper out sometime to watch the dog while I marvel and take pictures (without worrying about losing her).

Buzz would like everyone to know that he's unhappy with his sister lately.  He loves playing in the fields too, but instead of running like a maniac, he sniiiiiiiffs out everything good.  This is acceptable as long as he doesn't start RUNNING in the opposite direction smelling something.  If he does that, I have to chase him down.  Even wearing a 50' long line makes me get a workout.  I guess that's a good thing, except when I don't WANT to chase the dog.  I really need to teach Bailey to "go get Buzz."  In a pinch I can send her out and she'll go cut him off and be silly, but she doesn't know what I mean-she just says "OH, he's RUNNING, must be to somewhere fun!" and then Buzz says "WHY are you interrupting my sniffing?"  He really hates his kid sister right now.  I think he appreciated Fritz being here more than she did!

Oh, and I have a JOB!  A real one, with benefits and money and fun people to work with!  I will be working as a Veterinary Technician for our vet.  I am SO stoked.  I love everybody there, and I know a lot about the clinic already, since I've volunteered for about a year now.  Really, really excited.

If we lived in Iowa, I'd feel better about this prairie business, but since these photos were taken in Wisconsin--I'm a little concerned!

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