A Megan Update

A.  I'm still super excited about my new job.
B.  I have mono.  Again.
C.  I've slept more than half the day away, because now it's acceptable to do that.
D.  We finally have good juice again.
E.  I hate mono.
F.  I'm supposed to "relax" and "rest" and do all those "get well things" but for anyone who knows me, that's like... torture unless I feel like absolute crap, which I thankfully don't (anymore/yet, take your pick).
G.  Back to movie watching to entertain myself while being boring.


Eliz said...

Get better soon, and if you don't and you want someone to watch really bad movies with, I'm your person, I can make a trip out to your place

Crystal said...

I hate being sick. I'm not good at lying around. Feel better soon (and you must, because you'll be working sooooooon!)

Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

aw that sucks! i hope you fee better soon. it's a good thing you have good juice at least!