A, B, C, D

A) I need to practice hand scissoring Buzz's neck/chest fur. I am not going to be good at this. I think I can handle the rest of the grooming, except that. I should start tonight huh?

B) Bailey had WONDERFUL running contacts tonight. She was brilliant. FIVE incredibly fast correct responses. Beating me to the bottom fast. She CAN BE FAST! Brilliant girl-dog!

C) Buzz practiced recalls (ok, so the wait for the cue part of recalls). We did a couple where I returned to feed and a couple where I cued the recall. He loves recalls, I have video I'll upload later.

D) My dogs are goofy about all of the smells outside. I swear their brains are going to explode with all the incoming scents. I promised Bailey I'd lay a track for her tomorrow. Here's to hoping I can actually track her, and not die. She's going to be like a loose cannon, I need to have a training plan before we do that!

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Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

I like B! I'm glad the contacts are going well and she's getting confident too!