Nope, I'm not at a loss of how to motivate the dogs.  I'm quite literally failing at motivating myself to TRAIN my dogs.  I have a list of things I wanted to accomplish before May 2010.  If I don't get some serious motivation, that's sooo not going to happen.

Kristen and I talked tonight about how we can motivate ourselves to train.  The Go Click Challenge blog was started as a way to help us with that.  I've really been slacking in that training.  I don't know what's up!

Thus, I began thinking about places to train my dogs.  I visited a park tonight that's perfect for a LOT of things.  I could haul jumps there (once I construct them), we could track there, do obedience, field stuff, LOTS of things.  The good part is that there's a TON of places like that around here, I just need to find them and set aside time to do it.  Oh, and I live on a lot of land for tracking, so I should really take advantage of that.

How do you motivate yourself to train?  I seriously need help!


Crystal said...

Classes and homework, mostly. I'm not the best self-motivator, either. And, I make sure we take breaks. I need a couple weeks off with no classes, training, etc. every so often. I figure it's good for both of us.

Dawn said...

I am not real motivated either, and my dogs training, or lack of clearly shows this. I am most motivated and most effective when I am working toward a specific thing, such as prepping for a trial. I know if I were more consistent my dogs would be too. If you get any really good idesa please share them.

Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

I think we all need help with this. I try to force myself to train the dogs every evening that I am home at their dinner time, which is about 2-4 evenings a week. It's not much, but using their dinner at least gets that much done. Vito was fed 3 times a day way months when he needed to be simply since I was home in the afternoon (at that time i was) and needed to force myself to train twice a day.

Your Go Click Challenge is helping me in training specific tasks as well. And my "monthly" goals help keep me on track and at least have me evaluate my training on a somewhat regular basis. I at least get to yell at myself at that time on all I didn't do and recommit myself to training.

Eliz said...

Well I have friends like you who inspire me to train more. Also I like to use those friends to help motivate me by training together. It is hard to skip out on friend, while it is easy to find an excuse to do something else. Other then that, I keep working on Sue Ailsby's levels. We are still on level three, but it gives me a training program to follow.

Megan said...

Now I have an answer for at least part of my lack of motivation--but I think now that it's nice out I need to set aside a specific day/night each week (or, ahem, weekend, YAY) and train. There's quite a few of us locally now, so that could be fun (and outside).

I did track my dogs yesterday. Buzz was a rockstar, Bailey and I--not so much!

Elizabeth-your successes with Beckett inspire ME to train a lot more. I keep saying he's the best behaved, most wonderful greyhound I've ever met!