Fun trial, good runs, and a very good dog.

Saturday we did Level 3. The first course kicked our booty and we NQ'd. A very fun course to run but he didn't take either jump. Lots of speculation, and it's up for discussion, I may post details at a later date and look into it further. Our second run in Level 3 I lowered the jumps to 12" (yay APDT having modifications) and it went smoother, though not entirely better. He still took one jump awkwardly and wouldn't go out to the other, so I had to move with him. Regardless, the rest was very nice and we Q'd with a 183 (5 points on the jump, we only got 6 of the bonus points, so there's 9 already). We had a retry on two stations (6 more points, we're up to 15 hah). Anyways, very happy.

Sunday we worked for our first double qualifying runs, and we got it! Q/207/1st in Level 1 B and Q/203/2nd in Level 2 B. He was VERY good for these runs. Yay Buzz!

I do have a video from our level 2 run that I still need to get off the camera!

If you have APDT in your area, go try it... it is a BLAST! You can actually get out and MOVE. There IS room for heeling!

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