Versatility Titles

VS=Versatile Springer (parent club, ESSFTA, certificate)
Lots of different ways to achieve this certificate, but I have to become a member of the parent club first! :-)
If we can do it, the only way would be a CT (Tracking Champion), JH (Junior Hunter), CDX (Companion Dog Excellent), PAX (Preferred Agility Excellent something or other).


VCD=Versatile Companion Dog (AKC title program)
Requirements: CD, TD, NA/NAP, NAJ/NJP
Bailey has her CD and NJP plus 2 Qs towards her NAP.

VCD2=Versatile Companion Dog 2
Requirements: CDX, TD, OA/OAP, OAJ/OJP
Bailey has one CDX Q and nothing else. :-)

VCD3=Versatile Companion Dog 3
Requirements: UD, TDX, AX/AXP, AXJ/AJP

VCD4=Versatile Companion Dog 4
Requirements: UDX, VST, MX/MXP, MXJ/MJP

Very few dogs have a VCD4.

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