Training Notes-agility contacts

I've had issues with the dogs more and more regarding contacts. They were both taught a 2o2o but it became slower and slower. Lots of factors I assume. Being a bad trainer, I just disregarded a stopping contact with Buzz and now he runs. It's not trained (shhh...), I just assume he's going to run through the zone if I slow down a little, and he does. Maybe it's carry over from his 2o2o. I could say it is (because I really don't know).

Anyways, Bailey's are the worst! She literally crept down ALL contacts (not really in fear, just... like it was a trained behavior, to be slow, which is probably was). So after hemming and hawing and trying a few different things, today we actually did contact work. I know she will stop, and knows how to stop, but I'm going to abandon that if I can find a training partner.

We're just working with a board propped up on our snowmobile trailer. Today the only time I could get her to canter down it was if I had a bowl of food sitting a couple feet in front of it. That's ok, I suppose, but it's not what I want. What I want is to be able to RUN (me run...) and have someone else click for her RUNNING so then I can treat. Problem: I don't have a local training buddy (pity party is short, I promise).

Possible Solution? Bring board inside and utilize the Treat and Train (now made by Premier and labelled Manners Minder) a friend is letting me borrow. (Which by the way is working fabulously. We've made so much progress on household rules and such... mat work is going well. I'm so impressed by this machine, I NEED to buy one for myself!)

Semi-brilliant... hah. It won't take away the "lure" part I hate, but it will make it less annoying for me.

Time to clean the board so I can put it in the bedroom hallway (the presence of cats in the hallway is nearly non-existent).

Other suggestions welcome to. My ultimate goal is to have reliable running contacts. This slow contact thing is killing me! I am NOT slow and even if I RUUUUUNNNNNNNN, she makes her way down the contact and does a 2o2o. GOOD DOG, I suppose...

Oh, and Buzz just rocks. He says "I can run mom, LOOK AT ME" as he goes galloping and LEAPING. That one didn't get any food and the rest were good. Silly old man. I hope he has that much enthusiasm in September!

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Kristen said...

I'm currently stuck in a similar situation. I found the MM to be too delayed to use it for this, but you might have more luck.

What if you go a couple reps of clicking for her running next to you (on the ground) and then run her over the board?

Are you clicking in the contact area or clicking for running?