Old Man Joint Support

I got quite a few "how do you keep him acting so young" this weekend at the trial. Buzz is 11 now and acts like he might be turning five. He's been on a "health care plan" since we started competing semi-competitively (which is all we do hah) in dog sports.

I can't remember exactly what we did in the beginning but I know what we do now!

He takes a joint supplement (Glyco-Flex II) twice a day. This is a double dose for him because we found it works well to be giving it to him twice a day as opposed to once (which I would be doing with Glyco-Flex III).
From the Glyco-Flex website:
All of our new Glyco-Flex ® formulas contain 600mg of Perna and 100 mg of Dimethylglycine. In addition to that Glyco-Flex ® I contains 500mg of Glucosamine HCl. Glyco-Flex ® II contains 750 mg of Glucosamine, 500 mg of Methylsulfonylmethane, and Manganese. Glyco-Flex ® III contains 1,000 mg each of Methylsulfonylmethane and Glucosamine along with Vitamins E and C, Grape Seed Extract, Glutathione, Selenium, and Manganese for additional support. http://www.glycoflex.com/glyco-flex-canine.php

He receives at least 4000mg of Fish Oil daily. This serves multiple purposes, but the main two are for his joints and to combat his allergies. (If he gets ahold of something he shouldn't... like crappy treats someone left on the floor near his crate at the trial... I will "overload" him and that really helps with him reacting less to the foods he's allergic to.)

And the part that some people will agree or disagree with. My vet gave me Rimadyl to "keep on hand" for if I do overdo it with him and he comes up sore. Despite having a good massage program and chiropractic schedule, there are times we overdo it. I use it quite sparingly, but it allows him to be happy and continue doing the things he loves.

With these things, he gets to stay active without hurting and that is what REALLY helps him out. He may not be as fast as he used to be, but darn it if he doesn't have MORE fun.

He also stays at a good weight (right now we're almost back to his "good weight" after gaining weight on crate rest... erg) to put less stress on all parts of his body.

What do you do?

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