for Kristen and Karin

Two friends in particular can't imagine how I could have so much dog "stuff." By "stuff" they mean collar/leashes/harnesses/etc. I've created a Bailey-pictorial to show what some of it is for. The most frequently used stuff that is.

First up we have the Hunting Collar and Leather Leash
Exciting news... Bailey and I are going to finally be doing Hunt Tests! In honor of that, since she HAS to wear orange... I ordered a new collar when something else needed to be ordered. Isn't it purty? I LOVE it, it's not obnoxious like most orange hunting dog collars, and it feels good. It's made out of the "fake leather" material.

Next up is the Lupine combo collar and matching leash.

This collar has rabies tag, microchip tag (both of those in a quiet spot) and a Boomerang tag with contact info. The leash has a permanent attachment of a Noz 2 Noz poop bag carrier.

The "obedience/rally" collar.
Not that I train with it, ever, but it's what she shows in. Soft, supple, rolled leather. Attached to that is a short (purple, of course) and thin leash. It's all I need, less to be bulky if I ever needed it. (We do have a 6' leash to use for the rally Excellent honor.)

The Tracking Harness.
A premier product that I love. Love, love, love it. Thanks K!

The flexi "set-up."
Since I don't want her to learn to pull, I can't use the flexi attached to a collar. Thus we have an "H" style harness for flexi walking.

Car Harness (Roadie by Ruff Rider)

And the customary "multi-collar" picture! What you can't see is her "Princess" collar from Big Dogs that she wears the most.

That's a few of her collars/leashes/what have you, and their purpose.

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