The Vet

Bailey was in two weeks ago for bloodwork, urinalysis, and a thyroid recheck.
She'll go in again April-ish for Bordetella and her 4DX when they're boarded Mother's Day weekend (graduation).

Buzz has an appointment for February 16th for his 'bronze' blood panel, thyroid panel (new), and to check on his eyelid (torsal gland tumors). He'll go again when Bailey does in April for Bordetella, 4DX, and Rabies.

Baby needs to have her thyroid rechecked sometime soon.

Yay for spending lots of time at the Vet! Good thing I love my vet!

I also have Bailey's numbers and a whole long post about what's been going on with her... coming right up as soon as I feed and walk the beasts!

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