"are they related"

Why do people automatically assume if you have two dogs that look even remotely alike, they're related? Walking the dogs in the park yesterday we came upon an XC group. One lady said "ooh, I have to pet the springers, I have two too!" Just fine and dandy, they love to get some lovin's. Then she proceeds to ask if they're mother/son. Uh, No. Do they look alike? Other than the fact they're both spaniels. Then I get to hear about her dogs being mother/son blah blah blah. I have to bite my tongue every time someone starts talking about their dogs being related. I'd say upwards of 90% of the time it's likely a BYB and that is one topic I don't like getting into because well, it's a sore spot.

Buzz and Bailey ARE related, just WAY WAY back (but before Corrin), but I pretend like that's not true because well, it's like seven/eight? generations back.

My speech: they are not related, they have not produced puppies together, they are altered. Altering your pet is the best thing to do. They are just my pets. Darn good pets too.

/end mini rant

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