Silver Health Screening

Buzz went in for his annual bloodwork today (with an upgrade from bronze to silver) and to check out his eye. Good news! The torsal gland tumor that I was concerned about IS bigger but shouldn't be causing him any pain and it is NOT rubbing on his cornea. NO SURGERY! They stained his eye and looked at it. He was so good. I AM SO EXCITED! They don't need to take it off as of yet. She did say to keep wiping it with sterile gauze and see if I can get some eye antiobiotic ointment to put in it in hopes of cleaning it out. Glad we're on the same page.

His silver panel included a Complete Blood Count, General Health Profile, Complete Urinalysis, T-4, and Electrocardiogram (way cool!). That's an upgrade from the bronze with the inclusion of the T-4 and EKG (wanted the T-4, and with the package the EKG was nearly free).

Anyways, EKG looked good and we'll have results on the rest of the stuff tomorrow or Wednesday.

He's such a good boy!

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