Bailey *sigh*

Where should I start?

Bailey has been incontinent to some degree for as long as I can remember. It got better when we moved and they lived inside completely. Since last fall it has gotten worse again. The only thing that has changed is she started Thryroid meds but I can't remember when exactly her incontince got worse, or what I think is incontinence.

While I was in NY she peed on my bed. She's not supposed to be on my bed without being invited (that's another issue) but yeah... peed on my bed, through the comforter and mattress pad. *shudder* ugg!!!

Two weeks ago we ran a CBC, general health profile, took a urine sample, and rechecked her thryoid and everything came back normal/good. We decided to try Proin (an incontinence supplement). Saturday, at some point she peed on my bed again... AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHGGGGG!!! This time it was a LARGE amount and got on my mattress *shudder times a million*

She's become hyper sensitive to the oven (gas) and the microwave, but everything is checking out normal. The vet thought it could possibly be diabetes insipidus because she has a really low urine specific gravity but she just consumes a lot of water, always has.

Crate while we're gone is dry. Nighttime is about 85% I'd say. But we're used to that, to some degree.

We're entertaining the thoughts of diabetes insipidus or psychogenic polydipsia (drinking water out of habit). Before we do a modified water deprivation (to see if she's concentrating her urine) we've increased her Proin dose (it's actually doubled--she was started at a low dose) and we'll see if that helps. Sunday night we had another episode so I know it's happening (at least sometimes) when she's awake. She went into my bathroom to hide when we started the oven and peed on my rug while laying down. Definitely leaking, not squatting to pee.

She's also sporting brand new truck pull ups (the person who recommended pull ups to me years ago said to get boy ones, as there's more in the front and seem to make the fit better... we never tried girl style but boys work)... heh, she looks very silly with trucks on her butt! I'll try to get a pic, if she doesn't plan to kill me in my sleep for it!

We're coping, just going back to what we used to do. Diaper on when traveling and in the house after any activity that will cause a deep slumber as that relaxes all muscles and her chance of leaking is increased. No access to my bed/room/bathroom.

I don't even know what half of the numbers on her bloodwork mean, so I'm not posting those (there's a bajillion anyways).

Will try to get a picture of said truck butt very soon... it's funny!

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