Day 1 MAC NADAC Results!

Today was a good day dog show wise. We ran jumpers first thing in the morning and he had a stellar run! We really worked well as a team, and it just just a "zone" run. Fabulous feeling! He now has 6 Qs in Novice Jumpers to earn his O-NJC, only four more to go before we get to OPEN!

After Jumpers Jeremy and I went to Ash's dad's funeral. If funerals can be 'good' this one was. It was TOTALLY Brian. They played some of his favorite songs and there was standing room only. He was an amazing person and will be sorely missed.

We missed round 1 and the walk through of round 2 regular so I just went out there to wing it with Buzz in round 2. We made it through clean but WAY over time because of my BAAAAAAAAAAAD handling! He was a good boy though.

Chances was next and it was a NICE run (he just felt like adding a little loop-de-do). We QUALIFIED and that finished his NCC! Now we only need 2 more weavers Qs for his Novice Versatility.

Last run of the day was Touch N Go. I was working the Elite Chances ring and didn't get to walk that course, but it was very flowing and we made it through fairly well.--Q/5th.

Overall, it was a GREAT day at the dog show. Can't wait for tomorrow!



Picture of Buzz with ribbons--http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v324/SpringerLover/Buzz/100_4982.jpg

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