trial and training

We got into the MAC NADAC trial (was waiting for vouchers so didn't send my entry until Tuesday night... thankfully it hadn't filled yet) so Buzz and I will be heading to Burnsville on June 21 & 22. I love showing there, and I think he does too. We don't have to battle heat, I'm relaxed... and he's a good travel dog.

I've been doing a LOT of training lately, but nothing very structured. I worked both dogs heeling this morning. Buzz was quite distracted and I should have gone in to get higher value rewards but I just ended it when I got some good heeling with nice attention! Buzz and I are helping at the UKC trial (well, I'm helping, and they're allowing us to be a courtesy dog team) so I want to make sure we're prepared for that.

Bailey's tracking is going better too. I've been careful to lay her tracks into the wind. We also went to the farm on Wednesday. She had a BEAUTIFUL and fairly long track. I've definitely taught what an article means, now I just need to make sure she understands that she has to get to the article by tracking... not spotting it and running.

I haven't done go-out work in a while but did teach a fun 'go on' cue to place rear feet on a storage bin top. In a few days I got a reliable, no stopping, directly out behavior WITH a pause in a stand. From there I cued sit or down or come. It's a really fun game now! "On" is the cue to place rear feet on the object... "go" is my 'away from me' directional cue.

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