pet/house sitting

I'm pet sitting and house sitting for some old neighbors. They have four outdoor cats (one has 5 kittens right now... erg) and a dog. Of course a lab, who is a MOOSE! Very fun dog, only a year and a half old but a MOOSE nonetheless.

He's a silly puppy though. Yesterday I walked him to the lake where he got to retrieve a dummyish thing for about 45 minutes. I thought he'd be at least a little bit tired but he was still raring to go, so when we got back I threw the frisbee for another half an hour. Then I decided that I was done, even if he wasn't.

Today I brought out the clicker, and I think it's going to be a fun two and a half weeks. I'm hoping to get him accustomed to his crate enough so that I can bring him to the trial next weekend, but we'll see.

He's tied out to their garage, which scares me to no end. I don't even leave my dogs tied out if I'm in the house! Last night he wouldn't relax in his crate, so I ended up letting him sleep loose in the garage. Poor guy was curled up on the door mat. I need to bring a towel or something for him today. Concrete is NOT easy on a body!

After another bath, I'll probably take pictures of him... or maybe tomorrow. He's really sunbleached (and overweight) but a really lovable guy.

Oh, and his name is Buddy. :)

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