ticks... ew!

I took my own dogs for separate walks and then played with Bailey in the yard for a little bit. Drove to where I'm housesitting and took Buddy for a walk. I came inside and found TWO ticks crawling up one arm, ONE between my FINGERS, TWO on my legs (inside of pants), TWO ON my pants, and one on my head. I officially HATE ticks. I've never liked them, but sheesh... that's a TON to pick off at one time!

I hate ticks!

I should probably go work on crate games with Buddy and then put him to bed. He's SUCH a good dog. We had a REALLY nice walk today when I got back.

Plan to bathe him again tomorrow, got some mane n tail shampoo which would be better on him than the white n brite stuff I used on Friday. This should help moisturize his coat.

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