The people I'm housesitting/petsitting for have (had) four cats. Well, I'm told there are four. I've been there since last Friday and until yesterday morning there were only two kitties coming to eat. Yesterday though, there were three.

One of the kitties has five kittens, in the truck bed. Cute buggars. Momma kitty is really good.

Today I found the cat I just discovered yesterday... dead on the road, with a kitten. I checked to see if she was really dead, yup. *sigh* I hate the whole concept of outdoor/farm cats but this just really makes me so angry. I figured if there was one kitten, there had to be more.

Searched the ditches, searched the shed and was about to give up when I heard a faint mew. I tried to follow the noise but couldn't find anything. Got "smart" and grabbed a flashlight as well as one of the baby kittens (probably 2 weeks old now) who I KNEW would mew very loudly in protest. It worked. I found a orange fluffball wedged between the shed wall and a box, probably a week to two older than the itty bitty kitten in my hand. Had to move boxes to get the little tyke out. Poor kitten! Goopy eyes, skinny, dirty... poor baby!

I figured the only thing I could try was to get the other momma cat to take this kitty. Whaddya know? That momma cat didn't even bat an eye. The kitten was NOT happy though. Clearly knew that this kitty is NOT mom. I sat with them for about half an hour though and in the end the momma started grooming the kitten and the kitten finally nursed.

Now that I'm so attached, I want to take ALL of the kittens (6 now) and the momma and find them HOMES where they'd be s/n, cared for, and loved. *sigh* No one in this area is looking for MORE kittens, so I feel like I can't do anything...

I just feel like I can't leave them to the same fate, makes me cry. Poor babies!

My mom is going to help me bury dead mom and dead kitty tonight. I *should* leave them out for something to eat, let the life cycle continue but I just can't. I only pet her once, and didn't even know she had kittens but I just feel so badly.

*frustrated and sad*

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