Sunday Shaping

I don't think I actually shaped anything today, but we did a lot of great work!

Session 1
Send to target on the floor.  
Helper placed food when she arrived.  Nose touch desired.
No sit/stay, I held her collar and released.  Excellent responses, speed increased each time.

Session 2
Marking an object in the distance.
Ask for mark, click and throw food forward.  Again, great responses.  Solid sit/stay while waiting for release.  Varied amounts of time waiting for release.  Solid every single time.

Session 3
Set up for go out.
She set up beautifully and maintained eye contact until asked to mark the first time then she promptly flew out to the target that was dropped after she was released.  The next time she left for the spot where the target was before even setting up.  I put her on leash and tried it again.  She again tried to leave so I stood and waited.  She did reorient nicely, c/t until I had her full attention.  360 right and ask for another set up.  Slow but correct response.  Third time was a charm and she was rewarded with food and a chance to go-out.

Four correct responses with great set ups, solid wait for release and drive toward the spot.

I like successful training days.


Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

Very nice! Nothing with Buzz? I like training go outs. I just need to make time to go to new places and do it!

Megan said...

I alternate dogs each week. It's easier for everyone involved, and he got to go to the trial on Friday!

I never liked go-outs before but now that I'm successfully teaching them, they're ok!