Buzz's Day

I never really know what to work on with Buzz when I take him to shaping class.  I went in with a plan to work on "set ups" (I really, really hate that word, but it's the most concise way to say what I mean) which we did.  Then I was stuck.

I was standing around asking for simple behaviors and casually mentioned that I tend to just 'stand around' and feed him when he comes to training day.  It makes me feel like a failure of a trainer.

Does he care that he's not learning intricate behaviors that'll be used for competition behaviors?  Of course not!  He's just happy to be out!  Robin commented on that... he's 12.5 years old and has earned the right to stand around eating food, being pet, and playing with Nina Ottosson toys if that's what he wants.  And she's right.

Today Buzz played games with Ryan, ate a lot of treats, was pet by almost everyone, got to sniff around outside, interact with Via at his leisure (she was leashed), and hang out with some of the coolest people and dogs on the planet.  He had a great day... he even got to stay at Maisy's house (and be a PITA... sorry Brian!!) raiding her food toy basket and playing shaping games with Brian!

I take Buzz to shaping class so he gets out and uses his brain and body.  Mission accomplished.

(Oh, we did work on go-outs around a post... he thought that was a pretty cool game, so I may just continue that behavior.)

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