Lunch Date Training

I guess that's what I've decided to call it, lunch date training.  It fits.
(Excuse the cell-phone quality pictures.)

Not sleeping, but leaning and relaxing.

Today was a mixed bag of results.  She wasn't eating right away and she almost seemed afraid of the clicker (which isn't completely new but still surprised me).  I put my hand in my pocket to muffle it, and she started acting normally again.  A good portion of today was spent relaxing.  I had a few things to take care of and she never seems to mind (in fact, I think it's actually her favorite part) laying on the couch, just hanging out.
I never thought I'd see her eyes closed.

1) Offered nose to hand targeting excitedly!
2) Offered standing on the step stool!
3) Nose targeted the groomer's hand.
4) Lay down and closed her eyes on the couch.
5) Allowed multiple people to touch her.

There were some not-so-great events today too that I'm processing before I post about.  Although, it may be moot point because there's a rumor she gets to go home tomorrow.  For everyone's sake, I really, really, hope it's true!

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