We've gotten a lot more snow this winter than in the last five years I think!  The dogs and I are enjoying it quite a bit especially since I take them outside to frolic while I do outside chores.  This morning Bailey assisted me in shoveling the walkway in the dog yard and hauling in wood for the stove.  She was so helpful, barking at the rodents under the snow, burying her head in the snow, and wagging her tail so fast I thought it may fall off!  Definitely comic relief while I was doing typically boring chores!

When it was time to shovel the front walkway, I took both dogs with me and they frolicked in the front yard chasing bunny trails.  Then they got some silly idea it was woods walking time.  Despite the fact that we do not go woods walking in the winter.  The snow is JUST TOO DEEP for all of us!  I tried to appease them with more digging in the snow and belly rubs while rolling around crazily.  Both were agreeable to coming inside after that.

The amount of snow has also made for great snowmobiling conditions.  Buzz, especially, loves riding on the snowmobile.  Bailey knows how but prefers to run instead.

Do your canine friends assist with snow removal activities?


Dawn said...

Not sure if you would call chasing the snow as it falls of the shovel as helping? Or maybe when the short legs climb the big snow pile and knock it all back down? Sure mine help.

Sounds like the dogs had a doog morning.

Crystal said...

Dawn, Maisy's the same way. Barking at and chasing shovels full of snow is very, um, helpful.

Megan said...

That's definitely called helping. Especially since the type of "helping" isn't ever really specified. :-)

Mine don't chase the snow from the shovel, but sure do enjoy playing in the fluffy snow we have now!