Pain In My Arse

Indoor agility, we did it!
I've been more sentimental in the last few years, but I still don't get overly sentimental about much, with a few exceptions.  My girlie dog is one of those exceptions.

I got her for Christmas/my birthday in 2000.  I was desperate for a "new dog" because I figured I had already failed with Buzz.  My perfect little puppy came home and was well... perfect.  Hence her "middle name" being Angel.  She was the easiest puppy to raise, to live with, and to train.  Absolutely perfect.  Until she had to meet new people, or new dogs, or new surroundings, or go somewhere without Buzz.  So I had the perfect dog at home, if no strangers appeared.  And the rest of the story can be found in bits and pieces on this blog.

8 weeks old
She'll always, always, always be my baby-dog, I don't care how old she gets!  She's definitely my Novice A, Do-It-All dog, and as much as I wanted to sell her a couple times... I wouldn't have the training skills I do today without her.

Good grief, she actually looks groomed!
She even made her \\second// playmate-friend this year!

My mud princess, with dirt on her tongue.  Typical.
I do hope to upload some new photos of her soon, that just means I have to get my camera out and use it... I'll work on that!

Happy (almost) Eleventh Birthday kiddo, I hope you have many more years to be a bumper stealing, water loving, mud bathing princess.  

Thanks for the wild ride Girlie.


Kristine said...

Happy 11th birthday! May you have many more crazy years to come. :-)

Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

Happy birthday Bailey!!!!

Megan said...

She says "AROOOO thank you!"