Goals, I Think?

It's a good idea to set goals.  Everyone will tell you that.  The problem lies in setting goals that can be accomplished in a timely manner to make one feel, accomplished.

I try to set goals for myself because otherwise I tend to putter along happily enough until I think about what I need to do in "real life."  Then I get intimidated.  Setting goals for "dog stuff" is much easier for me than setting personal goals, I would assume because of the fact that I've been practicing it for years and years.

This time, goals are about me.

I set a goal for myself this fall.  I said that I would not turn into a lazy lump on a log (okay, as lazy as I get).  So, I joined a gym.  I never thought I would join a gym, I am against organized things like that... but I'm enjoying it a lot.  I committed to 3 days a week and have been going reliably (aside from the shoulder injury and the sickness).  In the new year, it's time to increase that to 4 days a week.  Tentative schedule is to add in Thursdays, Monday/Wednesday/Friday I can go to a class in the morning before work.  Thursdays would be in the morning before work by myself... on a date with the elliptical machine!

Eating/drinking better.  I've done really well with this one so far.  It can only get better in the coming year.  I drink pop infrequently, I opt for water or juice the majority of the time.  Energy drinks definitely less than once a week.  I succeeded in reducing the amount of caffeinated/carbonated beverages by allowing myself to have 1-2, rather than cutting it out completely.  A gradual reduction and I definitely don't crave it.  I'm drinking water when going out to eat, happily (okay, so I may steal a few sips of someone's Mountain Dew...).

Focusing on health for myself has really helped me focus on health for the dogs too.  We go for walks to get out and explore.  I don't hesitate to bring Buzz to a trial just to be a spectator.  I'm focusing on physical and mental well-being for everyone, and it's working out well.  Saturday I had the luxury of lounging around until after noon.  It was quite an enjoyable experience.

In the past I've been good at making friends, but failed utterly at keeping them.  I tend to get busy and fall off the face of the earth.  I hate it when people do that to me, so why would I expect friends to accept it?  I shouldn't.  I made a lot of new friends this year who are invaluable and irreplaceable, I'm lucky to have these people in my life. Yes, the majority are "dog people" and thus "dog friends" but we definitely have a lot more in common than just dogs.

This year I will not fall off the face of the earth when life gets hectic.  I love my friends and will continue to enjoy their company.

I still don't know what I want to do with my life.  So while I figure that out, I'm continuing to pursue both avenues and see where it takes me.  I attended a TAGteach seminar last summer.  It was brilliantly wonderful (I really need to work on my level 1 project).  I took an introductory class for my Autism Certificate from Hamline University.  I plan to take two more classes in the coming spring.

I'm going to the Midwest Veterinary Conference because Ken Ramirez and Kathy Sdao are both speaking.  I signed up for an assortment of behavior classes and rehabilitation classes.  I know I'm going to have a great time there!

Me, Me, Me
I've never, ever, been afraid to live my life for me... or so I thought.  I had a lot of experiences this year that stick out as "I learned something valuable."  Despite them coming from some incredibly stressful and trying times, I really have learned quite a bit.  It's acceptable to say "no" to people.  I don't have to do things just because someone will make me feel guilty if I don't.  I shouldn't sacrifice my happiness for someone else's convenience.  I'm learning how to be direct.

I am not afraid to live my life with goals, ambitions, and dreams, that I will make come true.
I will get what I want.


elegy said...

I'm totally jealous about the Midwest Veterinary Conference. I so want to go to a big conference and see some of these people that I idolize speak in person.

Eliz said...


Megan said...

I'm super excited for the conference, and super fortunate for the chance to go. You should start planning for next year Katie! It'd be so much fun!

Elizabeth, I'm glad you didn't notice I didn't actually set any real goals... they're all so informal that they're attainable. That's how I set goals!