I've been a good dog trainer and worked my dogs. Last night each dog ran a track and this morning each dog ran a track too.

Buzz ran both tracks WITHOUT the footsteps being baited by food! GOOD BOY! He's really starting to enjoy it, just when I was about to give up on him understanding what I wanted him to do! We're still working on a four foot leash and very short straight tracks, but I think we're getting it!

Bailey... shot off like a cannon on her aged (15 minutes) track this morning. Then she got tangled in her line somehow and stopped tracking. I recued "find your track" and she leapt out again, untangling herself and powering to the corner. I paused at the corner when I laid the track... she stopped to sniff that really hard, went the incorrect direction first, then double backed and headed off towards her last article. VERY nice article indication last night and this morning. We've got work to do still but we're having so much fun with this.

Bailey and I are going to group tracking on Saturday and I can't wait.

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