The AKC...


I'm a hypocrit too, but to a lesser degree I suppose. I train at a club that does NOT host AKC trials and I (now) belong to the MMBC, a mixed breed club that is inclusive of all breeds (and mixed breeds) and only hosts trials that allow any dog to compete. I would not "need" to do AKC to compete in everything I want, except for tracking. Our only other tracking option is ASCA and those trials are few and far inbetween.

We are active in NADAC, CPE, and USDAA agility-in addition to AKC; APDT (and soon UKC) rally-in addition to AKC; UKC obedience-in addition to AKC; but we will only be doing AKC tracking. UKC is thinking about introducing tracking, but it would be part of their sport dog program and thus modeled after Sch tracking which is not what we train for. I suppose I could though!

Anyway, Katie always writes so well.

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