"go get him!"

Buzz being deaf cramped our style a little bit until I realized that I could have Bailey go get him for me. He was just becoming reliable off leash and was enjoying his new found freedom greatly, so I didn't want to take that away from him... but I couldn't just let him out because there was no way to get his attention if he was facing away from me!

That's when I discovered Bailey can run interference for me! We're still working on it but when I say "go get him!" she'll race out to him and get his attention somehow, then run back to me. This gets his attention and he's usually really good about following her back to me (for cheese, of course). On the odd occasion he doesn't follow her back, I send her out again. She understands this game and will pounce on him, run into him, or all of the above to get him to move.

What a valuable dog I have! :>) I'm nearly afraid she'll think it's acceptable to be the hallway monitor again, but hey... they both get to run and play now and I don't have to worry about losing a dog (or two)!

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MericoX said...

You could also use one of those shock collars, but only have a vibration setting. Teach him that when he feels the vibration, he needs to look and/or come to you.